martes, 31 de marzo de 2020

Proxima and Wolf 359 star charts - New Horizons Parallax Program

To simplify the search for these stars, which are frankly faint,  I used the Stellarium software and Tod R. Lauer´s star charts, more detailed.

Remember that if you can't identify the target star exactly, with the photo centered the yellow square (on the last Stellarium map) It's enough..

The white background maps with black stars are those of astronomer Tod Lauer. Limit magnitude 17. He made them based on GAIA data.


It´s a variable dwarf red star of mag. 11 .

Finder Star Chart:

The Southern Cross is clearly visible, on the right, and in the middle (marked with a small circle) Proxima. Above it, Alpha and Beta Cen. FOV = 45º

Now, more extensive, they are seen in the upper limit Alpha and Beta Cen. limit magnitude 7 FOV = 9º

Same as the previous one but limit magnitude 8

Same as above, limit magnitude 12

Enlarged to 1 degree field mag. 12

Same as the previous one but with the equatorial grid.

Star chart without grid but with the box identifying the T. Lauer´s map (up to magnitude 17). Four stars coincide on both maps. (circled in red)

Identification on the Tod Lauer´s chart of the Stellarium stars (yellow square).

Same previous map without marks.
Marcelo Monópoli make a  finder starchart .pdf format. You can download it to your computer.

Wolf 359

This star is more difficult to find than Proxima, simply because it is faintest. (mag 13.5)

Finder StarChart

This extensive chart covers much beyond the Leo constellation, easy to find. Mag. Limit: 6.5. FOV = 60º. Wof 359 is marked with a small circle.

Enlarger FOV = 23º  - magnitude: 8

Enlarger previuos. FOV = 2º,  mag: 12.

Same as the previous one but with the equatorial grid.

Same as above, with a yellow box marking the field of T. Lauer´s detailed chart.

Detailed T. Lauer´s star chart. Mag = 17.

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